For your most precious little one

Our circles are designed with parents in mind.

Give them a voice

Our circles help guide parents to ensure that their children are academically ready for school and able to meet the needs of the classroom. All circles come with a booklet that offers step by step activities to make sure your child has the foundational language skills they need to functionally communicate.

Articulation Products

Sparkle of Speech offers a variety of targeted sounds to help your child be understood by others. Sounds are grouped by the placement of where they are made in the mouth. Fun activities keep them engaged while you practice your sounds together.

Products to help your child be understood

Language Products

Increase your child's language abilities by practicing foundational skills needed for school and effective communication! Give them the tools they need to effectively communicate!

products to help your child gain language skills

what parents are saying

My nephew will love this! Such a creative way to learn!

Melissa Slavick, Aunt

So stinking cute! Everything is ready to go!

Madeyln Hunt

Well done! Thank you. The kids enjoy looking at the objects through the magnifying glass.

Kristen Schulte