• What is a Speech Circle and how does it work?
    Speech Circles are acrylic frames that stick together with magnets that are then used to complete a variety of different learning activities. Inserts are switched in and out of the frame depending on the skill/activity being worked on.

  • What is a Starter Pack?
    We recently featured our NEW Starter Packs which include a Carrying Case (in purple or blue), 1 Frame, 1 Original Insert, and a small glitter pouch that includes; 4 Magnifying Glasses, 1 die and 4 game pieces. You need to purchase a Starter Pack before purchasing additional inserts.

  • What are your frames made of?
    Our frames are made of acrylic which is a versatile and durable plastic that is shatterproof and safe for little hands!

  • How big are your frames?
    All frames are 7 inches in diameter and are used to hold inserts that come in a variety of sets (for quick and easy interchangeability!)
  • What is an insert?
    Inserts are customized plastic cards that are to be placed inside your frame. Each insert is specifically designed to go along with a booklet of activities that comes in its own designated set. Check out the variety of themes and sounds we offer!

  • Do I have to be a certified Speech Pathologist to use them?
    Not at all! Speech and Sound Circles were designed with parents in mind (so that anyone can use them at any time) to improve speech and language skills.